Social media for authors: How to overcome shyness, with Michael Margolis

Social media is nothing new. Most of us have been on Facebook for close to ten years now; even my eighty-two-year-old auntie is on it. But if you’ve been using social media solely for cultivating personal connections, making the shift to using it as a professional author platform is not always easy or intuitive.

When you use social media in a personal way, it feels like hanging out in your living room with your best friends and family members. Conversations are candid, intimate, and full of inside jokes and personal references. When you start using it to court the attention of fans... keep reading

Twitter tips for non-fiction authors

Social media is a fantastic way for non-fiction authors to reach their readers, receive feedback, and spread the word about their books. In fact, these days it’s imperative. But it can feel overwhelming and forced if it’s not a natural part of your life, or if you’re uncomfortably aware that you’re there to promote yourself. Social networks that run 24/7 and the sheer amount of information available can make it seem impossible to get your voice heard and make authentic connections. However, with a few tricks from the pros, you too can make your social media networks ... keep reading