LifeTree Media is an award-winning boutique hybrid publisher of nonfiction books and ebooks that help, heal and inspire. Key publishing categories include business, psychology, health, relationships, inspirational memoir and personal development.

We work directly with nonfiction authors in our Best Book and Private Label programs, and with companies and brands in our Custom Publishing program.

LifeTree’s books are distributed to the trade by Publishers Group West in the United States, and by University of Toronto Press in Canada, via its distribution agent Greystone Books. Founded in 2013 by publisher Maggie Langrick, we are headquartered in Vancouver, with representatives in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Eleven Reasons to Choose LifeTree as Your Publisher

  1. You’re the boss: You can green light your book project when you want.
  2. Have it your way: You can choose ebook publication, in-store print-run distribution, online-only distribution, direct sales or a combination of those. (Need help deciding what’s right for you? We’re here to help you choose.)
  3. Sales and distribution: Our sales and distribution team actively sells our Best Book and Custom Publishing titles into stores across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia (select titles).
  4. It’s all yours: You retain your copyright and publishing rights, so you are free to repurpose your material any way you choose.
  5. Better royalties: Up to 25% of the list price in our Best Book Program.
  6. Lucrative direct sales: You keep 90% of revenues from books you sell direct through your channels.
  7. Come as you are: You don’t need to have a book proposal ready when you come to us; we can help you develop your concept and market positioning.
  8. Quality: We offer impeccable design and production standards and highly experienced editors.
  9. Service: You receive attentive client care and personal service from a dedicated team.
  10. We’re here for you: Get the level of support you need, from a writing coach all the way up to ghostwriter.
  11. Values: You are associated with a publisher that shares your values: to help, heal and inspire.

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