Press Release: LifeTree’s “Vaporized” by Robert Tercek Wins Prestigious International Business Book Award

Premiere hybrid publisher LifeTree Media accepted the getAbstract International Book Award 2016 with author Robert Tercek at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Wednesday, October 19, for Vaporized: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World. The book was one of four titles chosen by the getAbstract team from more than 10,000 English and German non-fiction books to receive the only international business related book award at the Fair.

Vaporized offers business success strategies for companies facing the threat of dematerialization in the digital economy. Call... keep reading

Kickstart Your Creativity With Non-Fiction Writing Prompts

If you’re writing a how-to or information book, you might not think of your work as “creative writing”. Leave the creativity to the poets, right? You are far too busy with your facts and research to while the day away exploring your artistic side.

On the contrary, it’s essential to always be thinking creatively about your writing. After all, even a serious book  should be an entertaining read. Follow these writing prompts designed for non-fiction writers to get your creative juices flowing. Who knows–you might even have a little fun!


<... keep reading

Publishing and Parenting: Dr. Vanessa Lapointe on Success as an Author

Child psychologist and LifeTree author Dr. Vanessa Lapointe has been changing the conversation around parenting for many years, but it wasn’t until she became an author that she started reaching new audiences on an unprecedented level. Vanessa published her book, Discipline Without Damage, in January 2016 through LifeTree Media’s Best Book ... keep reading

Maggie Langrick shortlisted for 2015 Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence

LifeTree Media is proud to announce that our very own Maggie Langrick was shortlisted for the 2015 Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, a peer-reviewed award given out annually by Editors Canada.

Maggie, who is LifeTree’s Founder and Publisher, earned the nomination for her work on Shell: One Woman’s Final Year After a Life... keep reading

Great Minds: Under the Covers with Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd’s home and office walk the fine line between collectible and cluttered, full of comic books, action figures, and other “Kidd-friendly” paraphernelia. The ad artists in Mad Men wouldn’t be caught dead with a collectible lunchbox, but Kidd displays his front and center.

Kidd isn’t a hoarder–he’s an award-winning book cover designer for Knopf, and has created both fiction and nonfiction covers for authors such as John Updike, Katharine Hepburn, Cormac McCarthy, David Sedaris, Neil Gaiman, and countless others. He’s perhaps mos... keep reading

Great Minds: How J.K. Rowling Brought Order to the Order of the Phoenix

J.K. Rowling famously thought up a school of witchcraft and wizardry while on a delayed train. Of course, as it often is when the muse decides to strike, she was penless (and, she admits, too shy to ask for one).

Rowling, of course, was eventually able to find a pen, and 400 million copies later, Harry Potter and his world of magic has become one of the most beloved stories of our time. But, as Rowling wrote each book, that world got bigger and bigger until not even a delayed train ride could help her organize it.

Instead, Rowling took to organizing on paper, creating a massiv... keep reading

Escape the Deadly Writing Trap that the Smartest Authors Fall into

I was working with an author last week who was struggling to find his way with his manuscript. “When I talk about these ideas, I’m succinct, relaxed, sometimes even funny. But when I sit down to write, the words come out all formal and stiff. Why can’t I be myself in my writing?”

Sure enough, his chapter draft was dry, stuffed with extraneous details, and weighed down by industry jargon. I knew him to be a lively, quick-witted person of passion and deep empat... keep reading

The Books Behind the Most-Discussed TED Talks

“Enthusiastically agree? Respectfully beg to differ? Have your say here.”

So says the comment box under every TED video. As a place for nurturing ideas, TED wholeheartedly supports discussion, and their content shows it. Whether it’s a divisive talk on religion or an inspiring talk on finding yourself, TED’s comment boards are full of TED-heads sharing their own opinions on the latest controversy or their stories of personal empowerment.

But with the average TED talk running to just 18 minutes, it can be difficult to prepare yourself for the conversati... keep reading

The world’s most prolific author: How Philip M Parker published 200,000 titles

What does it mean to be a prolific writer? Well, by the book it means to “write in large quantities or with great frequency”. The prolific writers are the ones who’ve figured out all the secrets of the productivity game. And while there are a number of notable writers in this vein–say, Isaac Asimov with his 506 published works, or Alexandre Dumas who churned out hundreds back when paper was a luxury–there is one who has not just mastered the rules of w... keep reading