Is LifeTree the Only Publisher that Builds Author Platforms?

mike shatzkin publishing“Industry analyst Mike Shatzkin said that authors have long been recognized as the consumer-facing brand that most matters (to publishers and readers), and that today every author can build some kind of digital presence. However, he said, while a few authors do that very well, most do it badly.” This is publishing expert Jane Friedman, who recently shared an alarming view on online author marketing after hearing Shatzkin speak at Digital Book World.

According to Friedman, Shatzkin pointed to the traditional publishers’ lack of aid to their authors in the online realm. He said every author should receive a digital audit, as well as suggestions, and went as far as to say that this should be every publisher’s top marketing priority. You can see many of Shatzkin’s comments here.

Shatzkin believes there isn’t a single publishing house that does this, but at LifeTree we offer online marketing services to our authors that include a full digital audit as well as a comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough to building their online author platforms. If you’re ready to take your digital publishing experience into the 21st century, learn more here.

Paris Spence-Lang

Paris Spence-Lang

Paris is the Publishing Coordinator of LifeTree Media. When not working on the next bestseller, he can often be found reading one.
Paris Spence-Lang

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