So many of us strive to live a purposeful life, yet we struggle to move past subconscious internal obstacles that prevent us from feeling truly fulfilled or joyful. Stress and self-sabotage can cause us to feel tired, even burnt out, and removed from a greater sense of meaning in what we do every day. This sense of detachment suggests that the intelligence we’ve brought to bear on our life’s direction has somehow been disconnected from the deeper wisdom of our heart, an inner guidance urging us toward those actions that will give us a felt sense that we are fulfilling our potential.

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The Achiever Fever Cure

A successful entrepreneur and accomplished market research executive, Claire Booth has been striving for decades. Driven by ambition, competition and an unquenchable thirst for praise, she pushes herself hard toward professional and athletic goals in an attempt to quiet the voice in her head that insists: “You’re not trying hard enough. You’re a loser. You failed.” Her career is flourishing, but she is not. Tired, unhappy and full of self-doubt, Claire finally realizes something has got to change. Maybe it’s her.

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The Sacred Path of the Soulmate

Silver Winner for Body, Mind & Spirit category in the 30th Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards

Romantic relationships can bring both great joy and deep anguish. At any moment, millions of men and women are seeking relationships, while millions more are ending them. Why are we so fervently drawn to romantic relationships if it’s so hard to find lasting fulfillment in them?

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Growing Strong Girls

Silver Winner for Interior Design in the 30th Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards

Girls today face an astounding degree of pressure to grow up fast. They yearn to connect, but sometimes this yearning turns into negative, even destructive behavioral patterns such as gossiping, being passive aggressive or mean, becoming screen-addicted, or disengaging from school. It’s heartbreaking to watch even the most confident little girls disconnect and lose their sparkle as... keep reading


Many individuals go through life avoiding conflict and dreading confrontation. And yet, there is no escaping the need to negotiate with family members, employers, business partners and tradespeople.
What if you could approach your next difficult conversation with genuine confidence that you can reach the best possible resolution without losing face or damaging your relationship with your counterpart?

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Dai Manuel’s Whole Life Fitness Manifesto

Lifestyle mentor and fitness coach Dai Manuel’s Whole Life Fitness Manifesto is a new kind of fitness book. It’s not just about physical health but whole-life fitness that blends mindfulness and personal development with equipment-free workouts. This sustainable lifestyle extends beyond the book, allowing Whole-Lifers to connect with like-minded people in a supportive online community.

The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto provides the tools you need to create a “FUN-ctionally fit” lifestyle at any age or level of ability, in 30 minutes a day.

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Pathways to Pregnancy

At the core of our existence is the undeniable and natural desire to create life. Every year, however, millions of people around the globe are shocked to find themselves facing fertility challenges. Whether you are just embarking on starting a family or have been struggling with infertility for years, this book offers real hope of healing.

Pathways to Pregnancy is a collection of personal and powerful stories of real women who have overcome infertility, shared by a clinician who has also experienced the pain and joy of t... keep reading

The Better Life Book

Raised in a three-room shack with no running water in rural Manitoba, Rosemarie Francis was under pressure from her alcoholic, abusive father to aim for a job at the local chicken-packing plant. Instead, she put herself through college at night, bought her first house at 18, earned her CPA designation at 21, and rose through the corporate ranks to create a life of magnificent wealth and accomplishment.

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