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"Every competitor, whether athlete or not, needs to read this book!"

- Jeremiah Brown, Olympic silver medalist and author of The 4 Year Olympian -

"Melinda does a masterful job of describing the stages of all high performers: the ascent to a personal best, the struggles of the messy middle, and then the discovery of a personal next. The journey she takes you on will help you take ownership of your next steps."

- Simon Keith, soccer player, author of Heart for the Game, and the first athlete to play professional sports after a heart transplant -

"One of the most effective forms of support is peer to peer. Melinda has provided this support in Personal Next. Well done for providing this great resource for our community."

- Gearoid Towey, three-time Olympian and founder of crossingthelinesport.com -

"Harrison turns her keen eye on investigating her fellow athletes to uncover what we can learn about growing—and thriving—any time we face a lifealtering transition. Using inspiring stories, powerful frameworks, and the seamless integration of the latest science, she weaves a powerful case for why change is the greatest opportunity of all."

- Dr. Sarah McKay, PhD, director of The Neuroscience Academy and author of The Women's Brain Book -

Personal Next

What We Can Learn From Elite Athletes Navigating Career Transition

by Melinda Harrison

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About this book:

After the death of a neighbour and fellow Olympic athlete, Melinda Harrison felt deeply moved to examine the difficulties faced by many high-performers after reaching what seemed to be the height of their careers or lives. Focusing her lens on elite athletes in particular, Harrison interviewed more than 100 high-achievers who have successfully navigated the transition from a life filled with peak performance to a new arena.

Personal Next describes the arc of transition common to all high-performers, including the ascent to peak achievement, the messy middle of change, and the move toward new and different accomplishments. Woven throughout are stories from elite athletes and high achievers, including Harrison herself. Personal Next should be read by anyone who needs practical information and tools for managing life reinvention.

About this author:

Melinda Harrison

Melinda Harrison is a facilitator and a professional certified coach through the International Coach Federation, with over 25 years of coaching experience. Her professional passion is helping clients navigate the arcs of success: searching for and defining a next that works for them, and then supporting those pathways to achievement. keep reading »