whole life fitness manifesto dai manuel
  • ISBN: 978-1928055075
  • Pages: 224
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Dai Manuel’s Whole Life Fitness Manifesto

30 Minutes a Day for a Healthier Body, Mind and Spirit

by Dai Manuel

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In this book, trainer, motivational speaker, father, and entrepreneur Dai Manuel offers a plan that anyone can follow to create health and wellbeing in both mind and body. Is it possible to get physically fit without taking care of the other aspects of you? Sure. But it’s much harder to get going and keep going, and much less fun. Loaded with concrete workouts, meditation exercises, nutrition advice, and personal development prompts, this book provides the tools to create a “FUNctionally fit” lifestyle at any age or level of ability. Whole Life Fitness Manifesto is a colorful, dynamic blend of inspiring philosophy and practical workouts that anyone can follow to enhance physical and mental wellbeing for life.

About this author:

Dai Manuel

Dai Manuel is a fitness retail entrepreneur, personal trainer, motivational speaker and all-around life enhancer who has provided education, inspiration, and training to help thousands of people reach their fitness goals. As co-founder of Fitness Town, a successful chain of fitness equipment retail stores, Dai is a top-rated contributor to the Fitness Town Health and Wellness blog and the founder of the Moose is Loose online community. He is dedicated to the idea that a sustainable healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone. He lives with his family in Vancouver, British Columbia. keep reading »