The Achiever Fever Cure
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The Achiever Fever Cure

How I Learned to Stop Striving Myself Crazy

by Claire Booth

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About this book:

A successful entrepreneur and accomplished market research executive, Claire Booth has been striving for decades. Driven by ambition, competition and an unquenchable thirst for praise, she pushes herself hard toward professional and athletic goals in an attempt to quiet the voice in her head that insists: “You’re not trying hard enough. You’re a loser. You failed.” Her career is flourishing, but she is not. Tired, unhappy and full of self-doubt, Claire finally realizes something has got to change. Maybe it’s her.

A whiz at capturing consumer insights for her Fortune 500 clients, Claire turns her lens inward and makes herself the subject of a very personal research project. Her objectives: to understand why, as a successful person, she never seems able to simply be happy, and then to figure out how to change that. Claire’s methodical and single-minded quest for inner peace takes her on illuminating excursions into philosophy, psychology, behavioural economics, neuroscience, mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism. After almost twenty years of chasing insights in consumers, she realizes that she has overlooked the only insights that really matter in the pursuit of happiness—those that lie within.

At first, Claire resists what she sees as “woo-woo,” hippie-style sentiments, fearful that slowing down and softening up will surely cause her to lose her professional edge. Instead, she discovers that not only do mindfulness and self-awareness lead her to a more joyful and purposeful life, they also turn out to be good for business, reflected in record growth in her company in the same year she cures herself of “achiever fever”.

With her self-discipline, discernment and infectious self-deprecating wit intact, Claire is an inspiring example of the fact that it’s possible to undergo profound growth and personal transformation while still staying true to oneself – even if you’re a natural skeptic.

Claire’s personal narrative is bolstered by the results of an unprecedented survey of hundreds of high-ranking and CEO-level North American respondents, undertaken by Claire herself to explore and examine their attitudes and involvement with activities like meditation, mindfulness, and positive self-talk. Reflecting Claire’s penchant for facts and findings, the book’s structure echoes a research report, its chapters named for her Objective, Facts, Observations, Goals, and Recommendations.

If you’re a sufferer of “achiever fever”—a person who seems to have it all but never feels good enough—consider this book the prescription for you.

This book will teach you how:

  • Striving and competition can become damaging when they are out of balance
  • Our own cognitive biases can undermine our ability to achieve what we most want
  • The relentless voice in our heads can become like an internal jailer
  • Living in the future can rob our ability to enjoy the present
  • We can learn to exercise our minds like we exercise our bodies
  • We can re-envision growth and make it work for us

Incorporating insights from business, psychology, neuroscience and spirituality, The Achiever Fever Cure makes a powerful case that chasing after success is the surest way to push happiness away, while letting go of striving is the key to reaping life’s most enduring rewards.

About this author:

Claire Booth

Claire Booth is an entrepreneur, market researcher, speaker, facilitator and university professor. She has 18-plus years’ experience capturing insights for companies across North America both as an executive with market research giant Ipsos, and as founder and president of Lux Insights (Vancouver and Seattle), with clients such as Amazon, Fitbit and keep reading »