We’re Publishing Life Coach Amy Lombardo’s New Self-Help Book

What a pleasure to announce that we’ll be publishing life coach and entrepreneur Amy Lombardo’s new book, BRILLIANCE: A Coaching Guide to Clearing Inner Obstacles and Letting Your Authenticity Shine. The book is scheduled to be released under LifeTree Media’s Best Book Program on March 20, 2019.LifeTree author Amy Lombardo

Amy Lombardo brings her years of experience as a wellness counsellor, strategic consultant, and spiritual mentor to help change makers of all backgrounds achieve their true potential. She defines “brilliance” as the state of being when a person thinks, feels, acts, and lives from their inner source of radiance, aligning themselves to the unlimited potential of the universe as it exists within them.

In BRILLIANCE, Lombardo teaches readers how to think, feel, act, and live from an inner source of radiance. Many of us strive to live a purposeful life, yet subconscious obstacles can prevent us from putting our highest principles into practice in our personal lives. BRILLIANCE presents a coaching method to clear away your own mental baggage and emotional debris so that you can live a life that is authentic and fulfilling as well as meaningful. The principles that underpin Lombardo’s unique Brilliance Coaching technique will foster integration and clarity in seven key areas of life, such as relationships, self-expression, home and family, health and vocation.

Using exercises and examples drawn from the author’s own practice as a coach for a wide range of clients including CEOs, celebrities, and front-line activists, BRILLIANCE will give you the tools to:

  • Find clarity and movement forward in any area of life where you feel stuck
  • Reconcile being “successful” with feeling “fulfilled”
  • Confront and release self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Approach your own personal growth with compassion, courage, and insight

BRILLIANCE will be available for sale on online retailers as well as in bookstores across North America on March 20, 2019.

About Amy Lombardo

Amy Lombardo is an expert in personal growth curriculum development and a sought-after life coach. In her coaching and consulting practice, Lombardo specializes in blending ancient wisdom with modern success-coaching techniques to deliver rigorous, multi-disciplinary programs that are at once heart-centered and powerfully practical. In 2016, Lombardo created the Brilliance Coaching Academy to train and certify aspiring coaches in her uniquely integrative approach to empowerment. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Jesmine Cham

Jesmine Cham

Publishing Coordinator at LifeTree Media
Jesmine honed her editing and marketing skills at Geist Magazine, Greystone Books, and Quietly, among other organizations. In between freelance projects, she is either engaging in acts of mindfulness or whittling down (and adding) to her TBR list.
Jesmine Cham

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