LifeTree Media to Publish Self-Help Book for Type-A Professionals by CEO Claire Booth

LifeTree Author Claire Booth MEsearchHybrid publisher LifeTree Media has signed Claire Booth, CEO of market research firm Lux Insights, for her upcoming self-help book, tentatively titled MEsearch: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Letting Go. The book is scheduled to publish in fall/winter of 2018/19.

MEsearch follows Claire, a type-A market research professional driven by ambition, competition and goals, as she attempts to understand why she never seems able to simply find joy in her outwardly successful life. After following a research path that takes her through philosophy, psychology, behavioural economics, neuroscience, mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism, Claire comes to a powerful realization: after almost twenty years of chasing consumer insights, she has overlooked the only insights that really matter in the pursuit of happiness—those that lie within.

Aimed at high achievers who struggle to find happiness despite their career success, MEsearch echoes the themes and terminology used in consumer research reports to present a research-backed, step-by-step approach for achieving inner harmony and life balance.

Author Claire Booth is an entrepreneur, market researcher, speaker, focus group moderator, workshop facilitator, and university instructor. Her firm, Lux Insights, has attracted clients such as Fitbit, Tyson Foods and WD-40. MEsearch is her first book.

LifeTree is delighted to partner with Booth to publish the book. “MEsearch is a perfect example of the type of books that we specialize in: nonfiction books that help, heal and inspire,” says LifeTree CEO and Publisher Maggie Langrick. “Self-help is a crowded category, with many new titles coming onto the market each year. Claire Booth’s book offers a refreshing twist on personal development in that it’s written for type-A people who want to bring more balance and joy into their lives, but who may at first be a little skeptical about what they see as woo-woo, New Age practices. We truly believe that this book can reach those readers and make a positive impact in their lives, and we are proud to be its publisher.”

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Paris Spence-Lang

Paris Spence-Lang

Paris is the Publishing Coordinator of LifeTree Media. When not working on the next bestseller, he can often be found reading one.
Paris Spence-Lang

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