LifeTree Media to Publish Inspirational Book from Mentor and Investor Brad Aronson

It’s our pleasure to announce that LifeTree Media will be publishing mentor and investor Brad Aronson’s new book, HumanKind. It is scheduled to be released under LifeTree’s Best Book program on March 31, 2020.

Brad Aronson

When Brad Aronson’s wife was ill with leukemia, they were overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness from friends, family members, and complete strangers. Aronson realized how life-changing a small act of kindness can be and he began compiling stories to capture these moments. In HumanKind you’ll learn about everyday heroes such as the six-year-old who launched a global kindness movement and the group of grandmothers who patch clothes for homeless people among many others.

Along with these stories of generosity and good will, the book lists organizations that Aronson recommends you explore to kickstart your own “humankind.” This book speaks to the heart in all of us and is a healing tonic for cynicism and despair as well as a call for action—a call to be creative and fearless in our own acts of kindness.

The book will be available for sale in bookstores across North America and via online retailers on March 31, 2020.

About Brad Aronson

Brad Aronson founded a digital company that was purchased by Microsoft in 2007. Today he is an investor in tech companies, and is passionate about serving at-risk youth. He serves on the boards of Big Brothers Big Sisters and Hopeworks, and teaches entrepreneurship to inner city teens. Aronson is the co-author of Advertising on the Internet, 2nd Edition.

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