Register for Our Book Publishing Boot Camp on March 6

Writing a book can be a challenging but rewarding endeavour. For all you aspiring authors out there in Vancouver, we have just the event for you. On March 6, LifeTree Media is co-hosting a Book Publishing Boot Camp with Pink Velvet Couch, an all-day conference for women entrepreneurs on what it takes to plan, write, publish and market a nonfiction book that can boost your business, showcase your expertise, and build your personal or professional brand.

You’ll hear from an expert lineup of publishers, editors, agents, marketing experts and publ... keep reading

How to Boost Your Public Speaking Fees by $10,000 or More

Everybody knows that a successful book can launch a career as a public speaker. But what is less widely understood is how publishing a book can turbocharge an already successful speaking career.

Here’s the problem. Every professional public speaker will eventually hit a plateau. The market gets saturated, or everyone has heard your speech, or the event planners seek a new topic, or the conferences evolve. If you are a professional speaker, you must practice continuous self-reinvention. I know this because many of the authors we work with at LifeTree Media are professional public sp... keep reading

Is it worth it to pay to publish? Six ways to recoup your investment, beyond the bookstore

If you’re thinking of investing money in publishing your book through a hybrid publisher or by self-publishing, you’re likely trying to work out whether you’ll get a strong enough return on investment to make the endeavour worthwhile. And rightly so: publishing a book to a professional standard is a significant investment, especially if you are considering using a ghostwriter.

Most authors think online and in-store book sales will be their primary revenue stream, an understandable but overly limited assumption. There are many other ways in which your book-publishing venture ca... keep reading

Action! Engage Your Audience with Book Trailers

Think back to the last time you bought a movie ticket–I’m willing to bet you chose the movie in part because you’d seen a trailer for it first. Trailers are one of the most effective ways to get someone interested in your content, and they  work for books as well as movies. Book trailers have been steadily growing in popularity, with some getting hundreds of thousands or even millions of views. And while early book trailers were often dismissed due to a lack of quality, that doesn’t have to be case–the book trailer for national bestseller keep reading

Publishing and Parenting: Dr. Vanessa Lapointe on Success as an Author

Child psychologist and LifeTree author Dr. Vanessa Lapointe has been changing the conversation around parenting for many years, but it wasn’t until she became an author that she started reaching new audiences on an unprecedented level. Vanessa published her book, Discipline Without Damage, in January 2016 through LifeTree Media’s Best Book ... keep reading

Finding Your Reader Tribe: Selling your book, not your soul

Who is your book aimed at? Too many new authors feel the answer should be “everyone”–but that really amounts to “no one”. As with archery, failing to take aim with a book pretty much guarantees you won’t be hitting any bullseyes. Here’s the truth: As tempting as it might be to believe your book is for everyone, that’s almost never the case. In fact, the more successful a book is, the more likely it was written for a niche audience. These books aren’t afraid to go narrow and deep in their message, which means they appeal to... keep reading

Vaporizing Vaporized: Why we turned a book into a website

“I want to turn my book into a website.” This was Robert Tercek, one of our clients, and author of the book Vaporized. And while his request seems ridiculous, it actually made perfect sense. Vaporized is about the transformation of physical objects into invisible data–in essence, the vaporization of those objects. Think about music: we started with live musician... keep reading

Best Online Author Platform Tools

Working on your author platform means wearing a lot of hats, so consider this list of online author platform tools your preeminent hat-rack. Whether you’re looking for something to measure your metrics, automate your social media, find the perfect website template, or craft your book’s Amazon page, you should find it here. Of course, this list could never be exhaustive; instead, we’ve tried to pick the best of the bunch for each topic. These ones are our favourites, but if you find a particular tool doesn’t suit your needs, try doing a Google search to find one you like better. ... keep reading