Alt-publishers help keep authors in control

In February, our publisher Maggie Langrick spoke with The Globe & Mail about alternative publishing models, explaining how hybrid publishers help business authors maintain control over their finished books. The article is reproduced in text below, and can be accessed by subscribers on The Globe & Mail website.

Alt-publishers help keep authors in control

By Marina Strauss

When marketing guru Joe Jackmankeep reading

LifeTree Media to Publish Business Book for HR Professionals by Keri Ohlrich and Monica Frede

Hybrid publisher LifeTree Media has signed Keri Ohlrich, PhD, and Monica Frede for their upcoming business book The Way of the HR Warrior: Leading the CHARGE to Transform Your Organization and Career. The book is scheduled to publish in the fall of 2018.

With 20 years of experience as HR leaders working for small organizations, startups and Fortune 500 companies, Ohlrich and Frede believe that Human Resources has immense power to affect an organization’s bottom line as well as its culture — but they admit that it gets a bad rap, partly owing to lack of vision or ... keep reading

Media Interviews: How to Make Media Listen to You

Ever wonder why some authors get to have great big features written about them, while others are lucky to get a brief mention? Of course, editors and TV producers all have their own ideas about what stories they want to cover, but very often, the depth of the coverage comes down to whether or not the subject gave them a kick-ass interview.

So how do you give a media interview that will keep a reporter hanging on your every word, and compel them to devote thousands of words to you? Here are our pr... keep reading

Syndication: How to Pitch Your Promotional Article

Writing an article is one thing—getting it read is another. If your blog is in its infancy, you might be lamenting the low numbers of readers your articles are getting. After all, they’re well-crafted labours of love, and they deserve a huge readership! This is where many authors run into the chicken-egg conundrum: readers only find out about new content when a friend, social media channel, or search engine shares it with them. But without ... keep reading

Great Minds: Walt Whitman’s Quest for Perfection

Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass is one of the greatest pieces of poetry—American or otherwise—ever created. Some might even call it perfection. So how does one man create so much of that perfection, and a better question, why can’t we do it? The truth is, Leaves of Grass was far from perfect when it was first published 160 years ago.

Depending on who you ask, Whitman went through eight or more editions to get it to the state it’s in today. We’ve compiled a “Leaves of Grass Timeline” to demonstrate Whitman’s process in turning mediocrity int... keep reading

What platform medium is best for your personality?

One of the most important parts of your author platform is having a consistent way to reach out to your fans. Like most authors you’ve probably considered a blog, but there are plenty of other ways to share your thoughts. When choosing your platform’s primary communication medium, start by considering your personality: which medium (or, for the ambitious, media) allows you to be your most authentic self? Take a look at these four popular options and see which one suits you best.

... keep reading

Five steps to setting up your first podcast

Podcasts have been around for almost four decades, and are now more popular than ever. One of the reasons for this is that almost anyone can do it—all you need is a microphone, a computer, and an idea. In fact, because it’s so easy, podcasting has become one of the go-to ways for authors to reach their audiences. What better way to get your voice heard than by recording it? To help you get started with this rising medium, we’ve put together a five-step guide on preparing your fi... keep reading

Try this “Party Trick” to strike the right tone in your book

Hey there!

Have you ever said something inappropriate at a party? I know I have – like the time I was catching up with a friend about our dating adventures, only to realize that a preschooler was quietly listening intently to our stories – colourful language and all.

Now, I do like a good old gossipy chat with a close friend and I’m not likely to stop having them, but being appropriate is all about striking the right tone for the situation. Looking back, we should have known better – we were at a kid’s birthday party! Oopsies…

Here’... keep reading

What should you call your author website?

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As an author, of course you want to sell copies of your book, so you might be tempted to name your website after your book and humbly relegate yourself to the “About the Author” page. Don’t do it!

It’s critical to your career as an author that you have a website that’s all about you, with your own name in the URL. Why?