Planting the seeds for LifeTree

Page one, chapter one.

Welcome to the LifeTree Media blog’s very first post. How wonderful that you are here to bear witness to this birth!

This brand new bouncing baby blog will grow up to have a life of its own, moving in directions I can only imagine and touching the lives of people I will never meet. As it should.

Of course I have dreams and intentions for it. I hope that this blog will become a source of inspiration, joy and support for those who get to know it. I hope that it will become the meeting place for a community of like-minded people who are interested in sharing what they have learned about how to live healthier, happier and more successful lives. And of course I hope that it is loved, out there in the world.

It feels a little strange, to write so directly. After many years of working with words — mostly other people’s words — as an editor for the Vancouver Sun and other media outlets, I am used to seeing the written word as a filter for the self, not a conduit. Journalists keep an arms-length distance from their readers. Your primary concern is accuracy, not so much authenticity.

Authenticity is the point of this blog, and the point of LifeTree Media, the publishing company I have just founded. I believe that each of us moves through this world carrying our own personal portion of important wisdom that could change somebody else’s life for the better. My purpose in starting this company, and the blog that is its voice, is to create a place where that wisdom can be shared, discovered and celebrated.

Seeing as this blog is my baby, I’ll mostly be the one feeding it. You’ll find me posting (hopefully) helpful stuff, like advice for aspiring writers, tips for using social media or writing your own press releases. I’ll also be sharing things I’ve learned about how to live a healthier and happier life: like how to sleep better (as a lifelong insomniac, I have picked up a trick or two), or face down a fear, or move through a difficult conversation with grace and dignity toward a mutually positive resolution.

These are the aspects of life that I find most compelling. How can I be a better friend, parent, co-worker or partner? How can I be bolder and more compassionate every day? How can I find meaningful work that speaks to my soul and adds value to the world? And even: How can I get my butt higher in downward dog?

But like all good mamas, I will encourage my little one to play with others too. LifeTree authors and other contributors will be sharing their expert information and personal insights here. If you’d like to become a guest contributor, drop me a line. Our guiding principle in all that we do remains the same: to help, heal and inspire.



Maggie Langrick

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