Until recently, a contract with a traditional publisher was the only way for an author to get a book published. Under this model, the publisher bears all the costs of developing, manufacturing and distributing the book, and also collects most of the profits. They control the publishing rights, determine the timing of publication, and usually have final say over creative decisions such as the book’s title and cover design.

Self-publishing offers much more freedom and flexibility to authors, but has limitations, especially for authors who want to get their books into stores.

LifeTree Media offers a viable third option. Hybrid publishing marries the accessibility of self-publishing with the credibility and market reach of traditional publishing. Under our model, authors finance the development and production of their books, covering costs for editorial work, design, manufacturing and marketing. We assemble a hotshot creative team, manage the project, develop the work to our high standards, then facilitate distribution and sale of books into stores for a consignment fee. Because you contribute the financial investment, you also retain rights to the work and receive the lion’s share of the proceeds from sales.

We are proud to be a reputable hybrid publisher as defined by the Independent Book Publishers Association. In fact, our publisher Maggie Langrick contributed to the drafting of the IBPA’s list of criteria for bona fide hybrid publishers, published in February 2018.

Our editors and designers are industry-seasoned publishing professionals who have built their careers in the book trade, lending their skills to award-winning and bestselling books by some of the finest authors in print today.