21st Century Publishing

The publishing industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, with “traditional” publishing on the ropes and author-directed publishing on the rise. The hybrid publishing model pioneered by LifeTree Media blends the best of both systems. As a boutique hybrid publisher, we work with a select group of high-caliber author-clients whose work fits within our editorial mandate and meets our high standards for excellence.

Until now, a contract with a traditional publisher was the only way for an author to get a book published and into stores. It was also seen as critical to earning respect as an author. Unfortunately for authors – and for readers – mainstream publishing contracts are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, especially for new, untested authors.

Self-publishing is open to all and can yield good profits, especially for authors with a strong author platform. But self-published books still lack credibility. Mainstream media will seldom review them; literary prizes will not consider them, and most bookstores will not stock them.

LifeTree Media offer a viable third option for authors who want to retain ownership and control over their book, and whose work deserves a place in the mainstream marketplace.

Hybrid publishing marries the accessibility of self-publishing with the credibility and market reach of traditional publishing. Under this model, authors finance the production of their books, covering costs for concept development, editing, design and marketing. We assemble a hotshot creative team, manage the project, develop the work to our high standards, then facilitate distribution, sales and marketing of books for a consignment fee. Because the author contributes the financial investment, they also retain rights to the work and receive the lion’s share of the proceeds from sales.

Our editors and designers are industry-seasoned publishing professionals who have built their careers in the book trade, lending their skills to award-winning and bestselling books by some of the finest authors in print today.

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