Try this “Party Trick” to strike the right tone in your book

Hey there!

Have you ever said something inappropriate at a party? I know I have – like the time I was catching up with a friend about our dating adventures, only to realize that a preschooler was quietly listening intently to our stories – colourful language and all.

Now, I do like a good old gossipy chat with a close friend and I’m not likely to stop having them, but being appropriate is all about striking the right tone for the situation. Looking back, we should have known better – we were at a kid’s birthday party! Oopsies…

Here’s a fun little exercise to help you strike the right tone in your book. I call it the “Party Trick”. It works like this. Ask yourself:

If your book was a party, what kind of party would it be?

I’m using the term “party” very loosely here – for this exercise, a party could be any place where people are gathered together for a certain purpose and with a certain mood.

You’re basically inviting your readers to have a particular experience with you.

Are you hosting an intellectual dinner party debate? Or a comforting cup of tea with a few close friends? Or maybe your book is more like a rousing political rally, an academic lecture, or a stadium rock concert.

Watch this short video to find out three ways the Party Trick can help you with your writing.

And if you know someone who could use a little help staying on-tone, please share this post with them.

So, what kind of party would your book be? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, party on!

Maggie Langrick

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