Professionally Self-Published Authors Now Eligible for the Writers Union of Canada

Did you know?Writers Union of Canada

Over the last three years, the Writers Union of Canada has changed its eligibility criteria, opening up its membership to authors who are professionally self-published. Previously, to be eligible for membership in the WUOC you were required to have “a trade book published by a commercial or university press” under your belt. Now the requirement is a professionally self-published book that successfully demonstrates commercial intent.

Self-published authors haven’t always been eligible because the trick is, to be a professional writer, you have to publish professionally. That wasn’t easily achievable for writers outside of the traditional publishing model, but with the rise of professional-quality self-publishing service providers and hybrid publishers, options abound.

While each application for membership must still gain approval from the WUOC, writers who publish with a credible hybrid publishing company such as LifeTree Media can make a strong case for membership, giving them access to professional development and even medical benefits.

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Michelle MacAleese

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