Q&A with Megan Williams, The Self Publishing Agency

Megan Williams is an award-winning author and the senior manager at The Self Publishing Agency, where she has supported indie authors in writing, publishing and marketing their books. Catch her in person at the Book Publishing Boot Camp on March 6, where she’ll discuss the self publishing process on a panel about the business of publishing.

Megan WilliamsHow and when did you first make your start in self publishing?

In 2013, after spending a year researching the differences between traditional and indie publishing. Once I established what I wanted to achieve with my book, I realized it could be done faster and in a more favourable way (for me) by self publishing.

You’ve established yourself as a successful self-published author—can you tell us about your books?

Our Interrupted Fairy Tale is a memoir about the first love of my life, Chad Warren. We were madly in love and planning on spending the rest of our lives together. Tragically, Chad passed away when he was just 34 to an incurable blood cancer. After he passed away, I found a diary he had written when first diagnosed. In the back of the diary, Chad had written one simple instruction: publish this book when the time is right.

So, that’s what I did. I wrote his story, and mine, and authored the story of us—told from both our perspectives.

My original goal was to sell 100 copies to friends and family. Five years later, it’s sold over 2,500 copies, been on bestseller lists at Chapters and Indigo, and an award nominee and winner.

My second book is a children’s book that I co-authored with my 10-year-old stepdaughter, Madison. It has also done well in the media and with brick and mortar stores—and Madison won an award for her work too!

We’re currently writing a sequel slated to come out this June.

How many authors have you worked with, and how have you helped them achieve their publishing goals?

At The Self Publishing Agency, I currently have 27 authors in development, 5 titles launched and 3 titles launching this spring (not including my own).

What projects are you currently working on?

In addition to developing our authors, we also have recently established a partnership with a production company that aids indie authors with turning their movies into scripts out of LA. It’s really exciting.

Also, The Self Publishing Agency will be launching an award for indie authors of all genres to apply for. We know what a big difference it can make to an author’s career to be an award winner/nominee and we want to provide authors, with great books, that opportunity.

What challenges can new authors expect if they choose to go the self publishing route?

That’s a loaded question! The number one challenge we hear is from writers who have done limited research about how to publish their story and consequently spent thousands of dollars on publishing services that ultimately don’t serve their story.

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