“Nothing About This Experience was Mundane or Boring”: Amy Lombardo’s Author Journey

Amy Lombardo is a life coach and a pioneer in personal growth program development. Her book Brilliance was published in March 2019. Hear her speak at our inspiring nonfiction publishing session in Los Angeles on May 28.

LifeTree author Amy LombardoWhat was your purpose for writing your book Brilliance, and what encouraged you to do it now?

I’ve been a life and business coach for sixteen years and recently started the Brilliance Academy for Personal Transformation and Social Change to train and certify others as empowerment coaches. I wrote Brilliance as the core curriculum piece of that training. It was a way for me to synthesize the work I’ve done and the techniques I’ve used successfully in my business into one comprehensive, integrative, and accessible system.

I see the book as another tool to expand my capacity to reach others with my services. Even though it required a lot of effort and time and attention away from my regular work schedule, it was an investment, mentally and financially, that I was ready and willing to make at this point.

What made the hybrid publishing model a better fit for you than self publishing or traditional publishing?

I had already written and used my manuscript in one round of my training program before I pursued publishing. It had room to be edited and polished before being turned into an actual book, but I had no desire to go through the process of writing a book proposal. I was clear on my idea, and I knew the value of the book to me, my business, and the people I aim to help. So, writing a book proposal to present to a traditional publishing company did not seem like the best use of my time.

However, as I became aware of the hybrid publishing model, I saw an opportunity to work with a team of highly skilled publishing professionals to turn my curriculum into a quality offering for so many others, even if they weren’t interested in taking my training. With a hybrid publishing company, I could still own the copyright to use my material as I see fit, and I could walk away with a legit book that established my name in the field as an author, which never hurts. It was an ideal model for me.

Why did you choose LifeTree over other hybrid publishers? How has LifeTree best supported you during your publishing journey?

It was clear in my early talks with LifeTree that I wouldn’t just be another author to them. I could see how the whole team was going to invest in me with the same intensity that I was going to invest in them. I felt they believed wholeheartedly in the message in my book and in me as a new author. It’s a big scary step to publish yourself, and I wanted a team behind me that would have my back. LifeTree was that and then some.

I didn’t only get a published book out of this experience, but a tremendous education about the publishing field in general. And I learned so much about how to refine my message in a way that makes for a great book. LifeTree was incredibly professional; they kept me on track, even through some major personal obstacles during my writing process, and they were my cheerleaders too. They supported me enthusiastically every step along the way, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience as a first-time author.

Are there any surprises or challenges you encountered as a newly published author that aspiring authors should know about?

Lol! Nothing about this experience was mundane or boring. I don’t think I fully understood the entirety of commitment I made to publish this book until I was mid-stream through the process. It takes a concerted effort to stay the course and remember why you’re doing this when you are mired in the nitty-gritty details reading your manuscript over for the tenth time for final edits! Endurance and perseverance are key. I would tell new authors to think of this less as a sprint and more like a marathon. Even though my book is published now, the marathon continues, just in a different way as I promote it.

In terms of surprises, I was taken off guard by how much becoming a published author made me a better coach and business person. When you are creating a book that is going to be a stand-alone entity for others to interact with, you have to get crystal clear on how you want that book to represent your message with integrity and authenticity. Any places where I may not have been fully “owning” myself as a businesswoman definitely got brought into my spotlight for deeper self-inquiry. This whole experience has been a very gratifying opportunity to level up in all areas of my life and business.

How does it feel to finally have your book published? What has the public response been to it?

It feels amazing, for me and my family. The gratification of seeing this process through to the end, even with significant personal challenges, has given me the confidence to keep pursuing my dreams. I’m also deeply excited about the ways I know this book will help me grow my business so I can help serve and support others even more.

The response from others has been so touching. I’ve received really positive reviews on Amazon, some from people I do not know. And it has felt like nectar to my soul to read how this book has been helping others find a little more light in their life and a little more courage to be their authentic self. It feels so affirming!

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