LifeTree’s Summer Reads

LifeTree Summer Reads

Getting through that stack of summer reads is on everyone’s to-do list. But when the sun comes out, what do the people who make the books read?

President & Publisher Maggie Langrick
“The best thing about long-haul flights is binge-reading a great book. This summer, I flew through Own It, Sallie Krawcheck’s manifesto for working women. How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Gerger inspired me to get more kale smoothies into my life, while Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari was frothy escapism of the sort I only seem to make time for in summer. 

Senior Editor Michelle MacAleese,
“I indulged my love for memoirs this summer: poet Patricia Lockwood’s debut memoir Priestdaddy is laugh-out-loud funny; Diana Athill’s Alive, Alive Oh! And Other Things That Matter is like wise counsel from an older sister; Hunger by Roxane Gay is the memoir I think everyone with a human body should read. These meditations on family, age, and body may not sound like light summer reading, but I got immense satisfaction out of each one.

Publishing Coordinator Paris Spence-Lang,
“For me, the summer has been about learning lessons from the past–hence a lot of history. I read The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman as I drove through the WWI battlegrounds of Europe, Tribe by Sebastian Junger as I spent the long days with friends and family, and the manga Showa: A History of Japan by Shigeru Mizuki as I ate sushi in the park.”

What are you reading this summer?

Paris Spence-Lang

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