“Writing is a battle cry against self-doubt”: Claire Booth’s author journey

As any author knows, it’s no easy feat to write a book. The dreaded writer’s block often rears its head along the way. But pushing yourself through this challenging process has its rewards.

Entrepreneur, speaker, and author Claire Booth talks with LifeTree Media publisher Maggie Langrick about her struggles with overcoming achiever fever, which is the subject of her first book, The Achiever Fever Cure (published by LifeTree in January 2019). Claire opens up about the transformational journey she undertook to see her book come to fruition. “There was so much emotion and catharsis that came out of writing, it just kept propelling me along,” she says. What also kept Claire motivated was editorial support and clear timelines, two key things that provided her energy throughout the whole writing process.

Watch the full video interview below:

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Jesmine Cham

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