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A Coaching Guide to Clearing Inner Obstacles and Letting Your Authenticity Shine

by Amy Lombardo

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About this book:

So many of us strive to live a purposeful life, yet we struggle to move past subconscious internal obstacles that prevent us from feeling truly fulfilled or joyful. Stress and self-sabotage can cause us to feel tired, even burnt out, and removed from a greater sense of meaning in what we do every day. This sense of detachment suggests that the intelligence we’ve brought to bear on our life’s direction has somehow been disconnected from the deeper wisdom of our heart, an inner guidance urging us toward those actions that will give us a felt sense that we are fulfilling our potential.

In Brilliance, sought-after empowerment coach and author Amy Lombardo shares the unique self-actualization methods used in her Brilliance Coaching Academy to activate our inner wisdom and align our internal state and external activities with our soul’s calling. Blending a knowledge of ancient wisdom traditions with a down-to-earth approach to personal growth, Lombardo offers a step-by-step guide that shows us how to uncover our deepest yearnings for making a lasting contribution in the world that is both practical and rewarding.

Brilliance begins by outlining the fourteen fundamental principles that underpin the Brilliance Coaching technique. These principles guide us to surrender the futile pursuit of perfection and instead embrace our vulnerabilities as the key to helping us understand our true strengths. We are reminded that with purposeful self-inquiry, we can begin to question the status quo in our lives and take risks from a place of profound inner guidance, rather than from a reactive place of impatience or fear. Once introduced to the foundations of the Brilliance Coaching approach, we are guided through a process of bringing clarity to our personal Brilliance Centers—seven key aspects of our lives that have the power to unlock the potential within us when they are in harmony. Brilliance then presents a method for integrating the learning gained at each Brilliance Center, to apply it to making meaningful, transformative change in our lives.

With exercises and questions that stimulate deep reflection, along with engaging examples from Amy Lombardo’s coaching practice and own life, Brilliance illuminates a path of growth and expansion to your personal best. The Brilliance Coaching system gives you the structure and the tools to:

  • Find clarity and movement in stagnant areas of your life
  • Reconcile success with fulfillment
  • Tune into your authentic voice and find the courage to use it
  • Launch your “someday” dreams into action
  • Harness your intuition and develop inner guidance
  • Create soul-driven work and sustainable abundance
  • Conquer old patterns of stress and self-sabotage
  • Relate to others authentically to attract love, intimacy, and meaningful connection
  • Live with more freedom and passion
  • Manage your life/work balance effectively
  • Become a catalyst for positive transformation in others
  • And much, much more

Amy Lombardo’s Brilliance Coaching techniques have helped countless leaders in diverse fields clarify their vision and put their heart’s longings into action—from senior executives, celebrities and philanthropists in New York and Los Angeles to front-line women activists in third-world countries, wellness practitioners and creative entrepreneurs. Lombardo’s highly motivating and authentically inspiring style cuts through the noise and awakens possibility—even in the most apprehensive of individuals. This essential guide will help you access your potential for radical compassionate action to support greater peace and harmony for yourself and others in your life.

About this author:

Amy Lombardo

Amy Lombardo is an expert in personal growth curriculum development and a sought-after life coach. In her coaching and consulting practice, Amy specializes in blending ancient wisdom with modern success-coaching techniques to deliver rigorous, multi-disciplinary programs that are at once heart-centered and powerfully practical. In 2016, Amy created the Brilliance Coaching Academy to train and certify aspiring coaches in her uniquely integrative approach to empowerment. keep reading »