Best Book Program

You’re a world-class expert with a brilliant book idea burning in your heart. You want to get it written and into stores fast, but you’re crazy busy and you can’t do it alone. We get it. In fact, we exist to help people like you.

The Best Book Program is our premium publishing service. You get full creative control and keep all your rights. We take care of all the grunt work and publish your book under the LifeTree imprint, leaving you free to focus on what matters most to you.

Your hand-picked service package may include:

  • Creative collaboration with our whip-smart editorial team, from concept to completion
  • Strategic publishing advice
  • Hassle-free project management
  • Stunning custom design and art direction
  • Developmental editing
  • Writing coaching, co-author arrangements or ghost
  • Technical editing, including copy-editing, indexing and proofreading
  • Option to distribute in-stores, privately, or a combination of the two
  • Choice of print run, print-on-demand and/or ebook production
  • Book marketing and author platform services
  • Listing in our catalog and distribution databases
  • Presentation of your book to retail book buyers by our North American sales force
  • Representation for sale of foreign rights

Your content is too good to sign away your rights.

We only take on a handful of projects each year for this exclusive service.

Our list is carefully curated according to our publishing categories, and we work hard to maintain our reputation for high-quality books by credible experts. This means that not every project that comes along is the right fit for us, or we for it.

The Best Book Program just might be a perfect fit for you if any of the following applies:

  • You have a huge email list: If you’ve got thousands of engaged followers to whom you can sell your book directly for maximum profit, you’re in the best possible position to recoup your investment and make money from your book. In fact, under our unique publishing model, you stand to earn far more with us than you would with a “Big Five” publisher.
  • You want to maintain full creative control: It’s your book, so it should be developed and produced exactly the way you want it. We’ll offer you sound advice and smart recommendations, but ultimately you call the shots. We’re here to serve your vision.
  • Your book has got to be a real book: Self-publishing has made it possible for anyone to become an author – which is great for democratizing the industry, but lousy for book quality. Most self-published titles simply don’t look, feel or read like “real books” because they’re created by novices, or packaged by self-publishing mills with no vested interest in quality. We are industry-seasoned publishing professionals, and we stand proudly behind every book we put into the market.
  • You don’t want to wait around for a traditional publisher to pick up your book proposal: A book deal could be years away, if it happens at all. We can green light your project whenever you’re ready.
  • You’ve been courted by traditional publishers and you’re not crazy about their terms: Editorial support, marketing attention and advances are dwindling, and the situation is only getting worse. If you’re going to do all the heavy lifting and bear much of the cost yourself, why should you settle for a measly 10% royalty? As a Best Book author, you receive up to 55% royalties on in-store sales, and 100% of revenues from copies you sell and fulfill directly. Oh, and did we mention that you keep your publishing rights?
  • You see your book as a parallel business: A professionally produced book is more than a product; it’s a powerful marketing tool for all your other professional activities. Starting at about $35k plus printing and marketing, your Best Book is a significant investment, but it can pay off in so many ways. It can bring it new business, bring media attention to you, open up opportunities and allow you to command higher rates. The book sales themselves are a bonus.
  • You already have a successful speaking career and you want to go top-tier: Just as your talks provide great opportunities for bulk book sales, your book will open up new opportunities and raise your value as a speaker.
  • You’re a mission-driven expert and you want to change lives with your book: Now you’re singing our tune. We are passionate about books that help, heal and inspire, and we believe that when an author’s values are in alignment with their publisher’s, magic happens.
  • You want to maintain ownership and control of your intellectual property: We never license your content, so you are free to create spin-off products from your book, such as courses, apps, or live events.
  • You want your book to be sold in stores: Yes, we’re talking actual bookstores, including major retail chains and airport stores. We can get you there. Self-publishing can’t.

You know a good thing when you see it, and so do we. If the Best Book Program feels like a good fit, we’d love to hear from you.

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