We’re Partnering With Dr. Sayeh Zielke on Her New Book for Healthy Blood Pressure

We’re delighted to announce that we’re working with cardiologist Dr. Sayeh Zielke on her first book, One Heart, Five Habits. The book is scheduled to be released under our Assisted Self-Publishing program on January 6, 2019.

In One Heart, Five Habits, Dr. Sayeh Zielke presents the top five lifestyle adjustments that are key to maintaining healthy blood pressure. “Dr. Z” was motivated to write the book by a desire to help patients reduce or avoid high blood pressure, rather than only treating them once they have already become ill. Her goal is to introduce more individuals to the simple yet powerful lifestyle changes that can bring about profound improvements to heart function and overall health. An easy read backed by evidence-based research, the book features answers to the questions Dr. Zielke is most frequently asked by real patients attending her clinic. In One Heart, Five Habits, readers will learn which foods to introduce into their diet and which to avoid, how activity can help them to stay healthy and reduce stress, and how to become a proactive and empowered advocate for their own health. By following the five simple habits laid out in this book, Dr. Zielke’s patients have successfully managed to significantly lower their blood pressure, and sometimes avoid heart disease altogether.

About Dr. Sayeh Zielke

Dr. Sayeh Zielke is the medical director at Chinook Cardiology and specializes in the treatment of patients with heart disease. She lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, and is represented by Toronto literary agency Westwood Creative Artists.

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Jesmine Cham

Jesmine Cham

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Jesmine Cham

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