Announcing Our Partnership With Tom Washing on His New Business Memoir

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We’re excited to announce that we’re working with venture capitalist–author Tom Washing on his upcoming business memoir, An Unlikely Intervention. The book is scheduled to be released under our Assisted Self-Publishing program on June 16, 2018.

An Unlikely Intervention tells the gripping story of the development of a breakthrough treatment for the second leading cause of death among children under the age of five. In the West, pediatric diarrhea is a commonplace and usually minor health complaint, but in the developing world, the condition claims the lives of more than two thousand children each day due to severe hydration. To combat this global epidemic, inventor Tim Starzl and his wife, Bimla, an Indian-born nurse, developed a food-based medicine that has been tested and shown to quickly halt the devastating dehydrating effects of diarrhea. A key ingredient is bovine colostrum, a pre-milk substance with powerful immunological properties produced by mother cows after giving birth.

Venture capitalist Tom Washing immediately recognized the widespread potential in this revolutionary medicinal product and became an angel investor in PanTheryx, the company behind the innovative remedy. Throughout the company’s early years, Washing kept a journal in which he tracked the firm’s rapid growth, and its impact in vulnerable communities. In An Unlikely Intervention, Washing shares the remarkable story of how one company with an innovative product can dramatically halt a serious yet underestimated worldwide affliction, bringing hope to millions of lives.

About Tom Washing

Tom Washing is a founding partner of Sequel Venture Partners, a Colorado-based venture capital firm that focuses on emerging growth technology companies. He was the founding chairman of the University of Colorado Center for Entrepreneurship, a former president and chairman of the Colorado Venture Capital Association, and a past winner of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce Esprit Entrepreneur Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Jesmine Cham

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Jesmine Cham

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