Meet Our New Publishing Coordinator, Jesmine Cham

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We’re thrilled to introduce you to Jesmine Cham, our new Publishing Coordinator, who joins the LifeTree Media team as of January 2.

Jesmine grew up with a love of books and always knew she wanted to pursue that passion into the publishing industry. After graduating with a Communications degree from Simon Fraser University, she completed the SFU Master of Publishing program, where she earned the Susan Juby Award for Editing (2013).

As Publishing Coordinator, Jesmine will play a linchpin role in keeping our projects running smoothly, providing administrative and editorial support to our Publisher and Senior Editor, and responding to queries from our authors. She’ll also play a big part in our marketing activities, creating content for our book campaigns and helping to execute author marketing plans.

Jesmine is poised to shine in this double-duty role, having honed her editing and marketing skills at Geist Magazine, Greystone Books, and content marketing firm Quietly, among others.

When she’s not editing manuscripts or creating great marketing content, Jesmine is either committing random acts of mindfulness, or whittling down (while simultaneously adding to) her “TBR” list. She’s based in Vancouver, BC.

Maggie Langrick

Maggie Langrick

Maggie Langrick founded LifeTree Media to fulfill a long-held dream to lead a company dedicated to aiding personal growth and conscious communication. A compulsive word nerd and cheerleader for the human race, Maggie thrives on a balanced diet of yoga and ribald humour.
Maggie Langrick

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