LifeTree Media 2016 Holiday Gift Guide – Writer Edition

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Books are one of the most popular Christmas gifts out there–but what do you get the people who are actually writing the books? Show your appreciation for the authors in your life while helping them finish their book with our essential 2016 gift guide–writer’s edition!

The gift of focus: The Freewrite – $499

This modern typewriter will rid you of distraction while helping you find your flow. The Freewrite auto-uploads to the cloud, carries up to four weeks of battery life, and has liberating portability. Being one of the few word processors without access to Facebook, this typewriter will prove to be a time saver, rather than a time-suck.

The gift of brainpower: Gingko Biloba & Panax Ginseng – $9, $18

Coffee shouldn’t be your only energy enhancement. Pop these natural supplements in the morning to boost your brain function and enhance your memory. Combine these with a breakfast of brain-food and an unbeatable writing routine to write like a fiend and feel great while doing it.

The gift of a fresh start: A new delete key – $10

You may be loath to use yours while writing, but be sure to have an extra or two in stock while editing.

The gift of silence: Noise-cancelling headphones – $90

Flow is the soulmate of writing, and distraction is the foe of flow. Wage war against unwanted noise with a pair of comfortable noise-cancelling headphones, sure to keep out the endless drone of in-laws and carols.

The gift of grammar: Eats, Shoots & Leaves – $10

Ever hear of the panda who finished his plate of bamboo, shot the waiter, and walked out the door? In Eats, Shoots & Leaves, one of the most popular punctuation books of all time, editor Lynne Truss valiantly and humorously defends commas and semi-colons against the rising tide of text-speak and carelessness.

The gift of verve: “Write like a ************” mug – $15

There’s not much that needs to be said about this mug–it speaks for itself, and is sure to light as much of a fire in any writer as the coffee it contains. Just don’t let the kids use it.

The gift of relaxation: A massage gift card – $60

The famous “evolution of man” image should end with a writer, comically hunched over his desk like the Dryopithecus we’ve descended from. This quintessential posture, combined with the weight of deadlines pressing down on their shoulders, leaves many authors in the mood for a massage. An hour will do, weekly if possible.

The gift of time: A babysitter – Priceless

If all else fails, authors are always in need of someone to take the kids so they can have the house to themselves for a few glorious hours of furiously banging away on the keyboard. This will likely earn you a spot in the acknowledgments as well as a signed copy.

Paris Spence-Lang

Paris Spence-Lang

Paris is the Publishing Coordinator of LifeTree Media. When not working on the next bestseller, he can often be found reading one.
Paris Spence-Lang

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