Focus on excellence and the success will follow

In a recent Fast Company article, Deepak Chopra stated that “wealth is nothing other than abundance consciousness.” In our lives, we are constantly bombarded with different ideas about what “success” is. Admittedly, the definition of success is different from person to person, but for many of us, this term is associated directly with financial gain. This means that we climb hard and we climb fast from the moment we step on to the bottom rung of the ladder. We are in a race against others, against ourselves, and against time. Yet, much as life is a multitude of paths meant to be traveled and learned from, so is the journey to success. Focusing on an end goal can be motivating, but taking a little time to focus on making your journey towards it one filled with meaning, understanding and the pursuit of excellence is gratifying in itself. Define success on your own terms!

Happy #MotivationalMonday!


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