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  • Pages: 216
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The Financially Empowered Woman

Everything You Really Want to Know About Your Money

by Tracy Theemes

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About this book:

Tracy Theemes knows money, and she knows women. As a certified Investment Advisor, Theemes is an expert in wealth management. As a former therapist and counselor, Theemes has deep insight into how thoughts, feelings and beliefs shape her clients’ money-related behaviour. In her book The Financially Empowered Woman, Theemes brings these two areas of expertise together in a unique and compelling resource for women who want to gain mastery over their financial lives but need advice and encouragement to do so.

Blending compassion and insight with rigorous professional expertise, The Financially Empowered Woman is destined to become an indispensable resource for every woman who wants to step into her own financial empowerment.

Readers will learn:
• How gender affects our ability to earn, and also our financial needs
• Why women think differently about money than men do — and how to use those differences to your advantage
• How to gauge your financial position and monitor it as it changes
• How to hire suitable financial professionals for your money team
• How to talk to your banker or broker; how to read and understand financial statements
• How to identify your financial values and set goals that support them

About this author:

Tracy Theemes

Tracy Theemes is a certified financial planner and licensed financial advisor with a previous 12-year career as a practicing counselor. As co-founder of Sophia Financial Group, she specializes in educating women in money matters and empowering them to take control of their financial lives. Theemes is also the founder of Sophia Wealth Academy, an annual fundraiser and financial seminar for women, the proceeds from which are donated to Dress for Success. She also runs regular workshops on women and money. Theemes is an engaging and highly sought-after keynote speaker. keep reading »