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"Rosemarie is not only an amazing person, she is also an inspiration whose unique story serves as a role model for anyone who thinks, 'It can’t be done.' Rosemarie has proven that it can."

- Bob Garner, Fortune 1000 Motivational Speaker & Author -

"Give yourself a gift of a life well lived and read Ms. Francis’s book."

- Vince Poscente, NY Times Bestselling Author, The Age of Speed -

"Yes, her book is a friendly guiding hand for women wondering how to better themselves. But the biggest surprise was that it also contains signposts for me, a man twice her age who still has steps to take on life’s journey."

- Malcolm Parry, Columnist, The Vancouver Sun -

The Better Life Book

Lessons Learned on the Road from Rags to Riches

by Rosemarie Francis

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About this book:

Raised in a three-room shack with no running water in rural Manitoba, Rosemarie Francis was under pressure from her alcoholic, abusive father to aim for a job at the local chicken-packing plant. Instead, she put herself through college at night, bought her first house at 18, earned her CPA designation at 21, and rose through the corporate ranks to create a life of magnificent wealth and accomplishment.

In The Better Life Book, Francis shares the secrets behind her remarkable achievements. Whatever your goals, Francis argues that your ability to reach them rests on getting the basics right. With its plain-spoken warmth and sincerity, the book is a down-to-earth, common-sense approach to self-development that anyone can follow to create a better life for themselves.

About this author:

Rosemarie Francis

Rosemarie Francis is a true rags-to-riches success story, overcoming an upbringing of severe poverty and limitation to achieve a level of success that no one would have expected of her. Raised in a three-room shack lacking indoor plumbing, Francis put herself through post-secondary education and eventually became VP-sales for a multi-billion dollar organization and founded her own successful tech company, Etelu. She is a bubbly and engaging public speaker whose story is sure to inspire women and girls to reach for a brighter future. keep reading »