The AI-Powered Enterprise
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The AI-Powered Enterprise

Harness the Power of Ontologies to Make Your Business Smarter, Faster, and More Profitable

by Seth Earley

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About this book:

The AI-Powered Enterprise examines two fundamental questions: First, how will the future be different as a result of artificial intelligence? And second, what must companies do to stake their claim on that future?

When the Web came along in the mid-90s, it transformed the behavior of customers and remade whole industries. Now, as part of its promise to bring revolutionary change in untold ways to human activity, artificial intelligence—AI—is about to create another complete transformation in how companies create and deliver value to customers.

We know how we want our companies to work. They should deliver to each employee and customer exactly what they need at the moment they need it. The data and technology to do this are available now. But despite the billions spent so far on bots and other tools, AI continues to stumble. Why can’t it magically take all that data and make an enterprise run faster and better? Because something is missing.

AI works only when it understands the soul of the business. It needs the key that unlocks that understanding. And this is the science behind the magic of AI: ontologies. An ontology is a holistic digital model of every piece of information that matters to the business, from processes to products to people. Simply put, it reveals what is going on inside your business, and it’s what makes the difference between the promise of AI and delivering on that promise.

Here’s why it should matter to every CEO, chief marketing officer (CMO), and senior manager. Once you create an ontology, you can apply artificial intelligence to drive your business. It’s the tool that teaches intelligent machines how your business runs.  Without it, neither your systems nor your executives can truly understand your business.  An ontology-powered AI application is like steroids for your business. It doesn’t replace the muscles you have—it heals them, helps them to work together, and makes them stronger than ever. And The AI-Powered Enterprise shows you how to do all that.

This book is the first to combine a sophisticated explanation of how AI works with a practical approach to applying AI to the problems of business, from customer experience to business operations to product development.

This is a practical book for CEOs, CMOs, and technology executives who want to catch this wave—rather than be crushed by it. It’s not just about the technology of AI. It’s about how to manage the change, step-by-step. It’s also about understanding where to get the money and where the quick wins are. In short, it’s about learning what a business driven by ontology-powered artificial intelligence can do and how to make that happen.

About this author:

Seth Earley

As CEO of Earley Information Science, a consulting firm he founded over twenty years ago, Seth Earley guides some of the world’s most recognized brands on how to leverage their information assets to deliver state-of-the-art customer experiences through integrated enterprise architectures. Seth has a long history of industry education and research in emerging fields. His current work covers cognitive computing, knowledge engineering, data management systems, taxonomy, ontology, and metadata governance strategies. keep reading »