Rooted, Resilient, and Ready
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  • Pages: 256
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Rooted, Resilient, and Ready

Empowering Teen Girls as They Grow

by Lindsay Sealey

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About this book:

In Rooted, Resilient, and Ready, Lindsay Sealey, author of Growing Strong Girls, offers a fresh take on the intense, complex, and ever-evolving stage of a girl’s development, the teen years. Today’s teen girls face powerful pressures such as an increase in mental health concerns, mounting demands to be both beautiful and successful, the pervasive and real addiction to both social media and the approval of others, all of which can result in a damaging decline in personal satisfaction and self-esteem.

With clarity and empathy, Sealey flips the normal script with a look at girls’ lives from the inside out, sharing their voices and stories through interviews with girls and their parents. Weaving her own perceptions as an empowerment coach for girls and her own personal experience through those stories, Sealey advises parents how to help teen girls stay rooted and step into the circle of their own power by unpacking the complexities of

  • identity and becoming, appearance and body image
  • mental health and life balance
  • social media, public image, self-promotion, and keeping it real
  • relationships, peer pressure, popularity, and teen rebellion
  • sexualization through cultural messaging, sexting, and peer pressure to have sex
  • planning and preparing for her future with clarity, confidence, and assertiveness

Rooted, Resilient, and Ready explores how today’s teen girl assembles her identity through the interweaving of genetics, family, and friends, and the masks she may feel she needs to wear to be accepted, such as the super girl, the invisible girl, or the cool girl. The book counters the negative cultural messages and potential for disordered eating that affect a teen’s body image and guides parents through Sealey’s three-part approach to a happier, healthier teen: food, fitness, fun.

As teen girls suffer from ever-increasing rates of depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders, Sealey explains why mental health needs to be a priority for both girls and parents. She considers why girls both love and loathe social media and the fabricated world of micro-celebrities and self-promotion, to uncover what it is that girls are searching for in the virtual world.

Rooted, Resilient, and Ready also examines the fraught arena of relationships, both platonic and romantic, to explore the gifts of relationships and explain why girls sometimes disconnect from them. Sealey debunks five myths about relationships that girls fall prey to and empowers parents to teach their teen girls what a healthy relationship looks like, so they can avoid toxic relationships and cultivate healthy relational habits.

Balancing research with practical advice and interviews, Sealey teaches parents to how to help not hinder the process of their teen’s development even though they may often feel out of step with them.

Journeying with teen girls from lost and let-down to fierce and fearless, Rooted, Resilient and Ready gives parents the tools to prepare their daughters to step into their power and potential, choosing progress over perfection, security over uncertainty, happiness over self-pity, and authenticity over conformity.

About this author:

Lindsay Sealey

Lindsay Sealey is an Educational and Personal Development Specialist. As the founder of Bold New Girls, she positively influences the lives of young girls through the education and personal growth strategies she uses in her teaching, coaching and mentoring, focusing on helping girls with integrate social and emotional development with academic success, personal growth, and personal best. keep reading »