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“This book cuts through the fog of information about heart health, providing clear advice with humour and genuine wisdom.”

- Robert James Sutherland, PhD, Director of Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience -

“The coaching you get in One Heart, Five Habits is rock-solid advice toward a healthy lifestyle.”

- Barry Trotz, Stanley Cup–winning coach -

“As an athlete, I’ve always valued a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Z’s book is a straightforward and reliable guide on good heart-healthy habits.”

- Mike Fisher, former NHL Player -

“Learning heart-healthy practices is a priority when I’m spending so much of my life on the road. This book is a profoundly helpful guide to better habits and, in turn, better health.”

- Michael W. Smith, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter -

One Heart, Five Habits

A Cardiologist’s Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure Through Healthy Lifestyle Practices

by Dr. Sayeh Zielke

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About this book:

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a major risk factor that can lead to dire consequences if not managed carefully. Backed by evidence-based research, One Heart, Five Habits answers some of the questions that Dr. Zielke is frequently asked by patients in her cardiology clinic, and presents five simple, important lifestyle practices to help lower blood pressure.

As we grow older, blood pressure tends to increase and create strain on the heart and its arteries. Though older people do suffer from hypertension, it is not always a natural result of aging. Hypertension can affect adults of all ages, at times due to excess sodium in our diets, lack of physical activity, and other modifiable risk factors.

Readers will learn which foods to introduce into their diet and which to avoid, how exercise and rest can help them stay healthy and reduce stress, and how to monitor their progress so they can follow through with these lifestyle changes. By following the five practices laid out in this book, readers can help reduce their blood pressure through lifestyle changes, and, more importantly, keep it within an optimal range—leading to longer and healthier lives.

About this author:

Dr. Sayeh Zielke

Dr. Sayeh Zielke is the medical director and cardiologist at Chinook Cardiology and specializes in the treatment of patients with heart disease. She is represented by Toronto literary agency Westwood Creative Artists. keep reading »