• Transformable


    Transformation is not easy. It’s complex, scary, and fraught with political and economic peril. Businesses stand to lose a lot, and many of them do. According to McKinsey, 70 percent of business transformations fail. Yet, business transformation is not optional, if an organization wants to survive. The world is constantly changing, and sooner or later […]

  • Lifting Heavy Things by Laura Khoudari

    Lifting Heavy Things

    Celebrated trainer and trauma practitioner Laura Khoudari brings a fresh approach to healing from trauma in her debut, Lifting Heavy Things. Compassionate, witty, and fastidiously researched, this breakthrough title will empower and inspire you to develop resilience and build emotional and physical strength through working out with weights, while mindful of the ways that trauma […]

  • The Greater Good by Madeleine Shaw

    The Greater Good

    In The Greater Good, award-winning social entrepreneur Madeleine Shaw presents an inspiring look at how visionary individuals can use their personal values and vision to launch and grow world-changing ventures. She dispels the myth that you need a business degree or a blockbuster tech idea to start a successful enterprise, arguing that passion, a willingness […]

  • Humanity at Work

    Humanity at Work

    Every leader has a duty to ensure their teams meet and exceed expectations and achieve strategic goals. But leaders who only focus on the bottom line risk alienating or burning out the people integral to the success of the organization. Engaged employees are more productive, have fewer sick days, and tend to stay in their […]

  • RemarkableRetail_frontcover

    Remarkable Retail

    Despite the clickbait headlines that warn of a “retail apocalypse,” many brick and mortar retail brands are enjoying strong growth and profits. Others, however, are destined to become obsolete because they offer merely convenience, decent prices, or an okay shopping experience. In Remarkable Retail, industry thought leader Steve Dennis argues that retailers can no longer […]

  • HumanKind_cover_updated-30Oct19


    When Brad Aronson’s wife, Mia, got sick with leukemia, they were overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness from friends, family members, and complete strangers. Often they were rescued by the smallest of gestures during that dark time. Aronson spent a lot of time in the hospital as Mia underwent two-and-a-half years of ultimately successful chemotherapy […]

  • Harrison_Personal-Next_front-cover_21Nov19

    Personal Next

    After the death of a neighbour and fellow Olympic athlete, Melinda Harrison felt deeply moved to examine the difficulties faced by many high-performers after reaching what seemed to be the height of their careers or lives. Focusing her lens on elite athletes in particular, Harrison interviewed more than 100 high-achievers who have successfully navigated the […]

  • Inside Gig_front cover_final

    The Inside Gig

    The war for talent has previously focused on acquiring the best, whether through the traditional hiring of full-time employees or the current reliance on the gig economy of contracting outside freelancers. However, in the near future, companies that will win in the marketplace will be experts at deploying the skills they already have inside their […]

  • FluevogCover


    Cult shoe designer John Fluevog has been creating “unique soles for unique souls” since 1970. Colorful and quirky, Fluevog shoes have graced the feet of celebrities such as Madonna, Jack White and Lady Gaga, as well as legions of lifelong fans who consider themselves more a community than mere customers. Known for cheeky slogans such […]

  • The AI-Powered Enterprise

    The AI-Powered Enterprise

    The AI-Powered Enterprise examines two fundamental questions: First, how will the future be different as a result of artificial intelligence? And second, what must companies do to stake their claim on that future? When the Web came along in the mid-90s, it transformed the behavior of customers and remade whole industries. Now, as part of […]

  • RRR_front-cover_final_RGB

    Rooted, Resilient, and Ready

    In Rooted, Resilient, and Ready, Lindsay Sealey, author of Growing Strong Girls, offers a fresh take on the intense, complex, and ever-evolving stage of a girl’s development, the teen years. Today’s teen girls face powerful pressures such as an increase in mental health concerns, mounting demands to be both beautiful and successful, the pervasive and […]

  • Zielke_One-Heart_front-cover_Dec-5

    One Heart, Five Habits

    Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a major risk factor that can lead to dire consequences if not managed carefully. Backed by evidence-based research, One Heart, Five Habits answers some of the questions that Dr. Zielke is frequently asked by patients in her cardiology clinic, and presents five simple, important lifestyle practices to help lower blood […]

  • Parenting_front-cover

    Parenting Right From the Start

    Silver Winner in the Parenting & Family category in the 32nd Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards Recent scientific research indicates a strong sense of connection between parents and children teaches children how to regulate emotions, master social skills, and develop a healthy sense of identity—essentially how to grow up. Unfortunately, many accepted parenting practices disrupt […]

  • Lombardo_Brilliance_book-cover_Oct-17


    So many of us strive to live a purposeful life, yet we struggle to move past subconscious internal obstacles that prevent us from feeling truly fulfilled or joyful. Stress and self-sabotage can cause us to feel tired, even burnt out, and removed from a greater sense of meaning in what we do every day. This […]

  • An Unlikely Intervention book cover

    An Unlikely Intervention

    Gold Star in TheBookDesigner.com’s November 2018 e-Book Cover Design Awards The mere mention of this affliction sparks reaction ranging from disgust to annoyance. For many of us diarrhea is a simple nuisance. However, in much of the developing world, the disease’s impact is devastating. Diarrhea is one of the world’s most common illnesses, and the […]

  • Achiever-Fever-Cure_cover_FINAL_resized

    The Achiever Fever Cure

    A successful entrepreneur and accomplished market research executive, Claire Booth has been striving for decades. Driven by ambition, competition and an unquenchable thirst for praise, she pushes herself hard toward professional and athletic goals in an attempt to quiet the voice in her head that insists: “You’re not trying hard enough. You’re a loser. You […]

  • The Way of the HR Warrior

    The Way of the HR Warrior

    Human Resources has immense power to affect an organization’s bottom line as well as its culture, but it gets a bad rap. In The Way of the HR Warrior Monica Frede and Keri Ohlrich aim to inspire an HR revolution. The Way of the HR Warrior is a guide for HR professionals who really care […]

  • Sacred Path of the Soulmate by Gerald Sze cover spiritual true romantic love

    The Sacred Path of the Soulmate

    Silver Winner for Body, Mind & Spirit category in the 30th Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards Romantic relationships can bring both great joy and deep anguish. At any moment, millions of men and women are seeking relationships, while millions more are ending them. Why are we so fervently drawn to romantic relationships if it’s so […]

  • Growing Strong Girls by Lindsay Sealey

    Growing Strong Girls

    Silver Winner for Interior Design in the 30th Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards Girls today face an astounding degree of pressure to grow up fast. They yearn to connect, but sometimes this yearning turns into negative, even destructive behavioral patterns such as gossiping, being passive aggressive or mean, becoming screen-addicted, or disengaging from school. It’s […]

  • The Digital Matrix by Venkat Venkatraman cover

    The Digital Matrix

    Is your business ready to win in the digital future―or destined to be disrupted? Ambitious digital-driven startups are now creating and cornering new markets in every sector. And yet, most legacy businesses continue to operate by old playbooks. Most are not keeping pace with the changes in their industry, let alone leading the way―what is […]

  • Resolve cover Hal Movius


    Many individuals go through life avoiding conflict and dreading confrontation. And yet, there is no escaping the need to negotiate with family members, employers, business partners and tradespeople. What if you could approach your next difficult conversation with genuine confidence that you can reach the best possible resolution without losing face or damaging your relationship […]

  • whole life fitness manifesto dai manuel

    Dai Manuel’s Whole Life Fitness Manifesto

    Lifestyle mentor and fitness coach Dai Manuel’s Whole Life Fitness Manifesto is a new kind of fitness book. It’s not just about physical health but whole-life fitness that blends mindfulness and personal development with equipment-free workouts. This sustainable lifestyle extends beyond the book, allowing Whole-Lifers to connect with like-minded people in a supportive online community. […]

  • Wong2

    Pathways to Pregnancy

    At the core of our existence is the undeniable and natural desire to create life. Every year, however, millions of people around the globe are shocked to find themselves facing fertility challenges. Whether you are just embarking on starting a family or have been struggling with infertility for years, this book offers real hope of […]

  • generation stressed michele kambolis

    Generation Stressed

    Anxiety is rampant in society in general and among children in particular. Written by Registered Clinical Counselor and national parenting columnist Michele Kambolis, Generation Stressed explains the causes and effects of anxiety in children and equips concerned parents with an array of highly effective play-based tools with which to help their anxious child. Based on […]

  • FinEmpWomanCvr_pgw-copy-2

    The Financially Empowered Woman

    Tracy Theemes knows money, and she knows women. As a certified Investment Advisor, Theemes is an expert in wealth management. As a former therapist and counselor, Theemes has deep insight into how thoughts, feelings and beliefs shape her clients’ money-related behaviour. In her book The Financially Empowered Woman, Theemes brings these two areas of expertise […]

  • ShellFINAL


    Michelle Stewart always knew in her heart that her eating disorder would kill her. What she didn’t expect in its early stages was that she would continue to function – albeit far from optimally – for decades before succumbing to its deadly effects. A conscientious and ambitious woman driven by a desire to make a positive […]

  • Vaporized-front-cover


    Media industries took the first blows dealt by the rise of digital technology. One by one, once-tangible goods such as music CDs and video DVDs were “vaporized”, replaced by pixels and bytes of data. With them went their recording and playback equipment, as cameras, personal stereos, game consoles and even televisions were collapsed into tiny handheld devices still […]

  • better life book

    The Better Life Book

    Raised in a three-room shack with no running water in rural Manitoba, Rosemarie Francis was under pressure from her alcoholic, abusive father to aim for a job at the local chicken-packing plant. Instead, she put herself through college at night, bought her first house at 18, earned her CPA designation at 21, and rose through […]

  • Vanessa LaPointe - Discipline Without Damage

    Discipline Without Damage

    When your child is threatening a meltdown in the grocery aisle, is it really possible to keep your cool, correct the behavior, and reinforce healthy development, all at the same time? In this easy-to-read, science-based book, parents, caregivers, and big people of all kinds will discover how discipline affects children’s development, why intervention should reinforce […]