Writing About Writing: Follow My Progress As I Write My Book

Last week I announced to the world that I am writing a book about writing a book, and promised to share my progress with anyone who cares to follow along. This post is my very first progress report! (Cue the tiny marching band! I believe in celebrating early and often.)

I’m doing this for two reasons. First, I want to share my experience as a first time author in the hope that it will encourage others to dive into their own... keep reading

Writing About Writing: Announcing My Forthcoming Book

I have an announcement to make.

I am writing a book. I’m writing a book about writing a book. (To which Paris, our marketing and communications coordinator, said: “That’s so meta…”)

This should be a cinch for me. I have been an editor for nearly twenty years, over which time I have worked with hundreds of writers. Most of them were professional journalists or feature writers, but in recent years in my role as publisher at LifeTree Media, I have worked almost exclusively with first-time authors.

Every day I  support people in writing... keep reading

Freeing yourself from distraction

With the new year rung in and writing resolutions made, many are sitting down at their desks ready to pen a new bestseller. But unfortunately, many of the same people have realized the constant distractions of YouTube, email and iPhones can make it very difficult to focus. Writing shouldn’t have to be a constant struggle with our willpower, so here are some very easy tips for writing distraction-free that don’t require any form of self-control:

Remove the di... keep reading

Why you should write a personal blog

With an estimated 158 million blogs in the blogosphere, it’s safe to say the medium is popular. These can loosely be grouped into two broad categories: professional blogs and personal blogs. Whether they are maintained by one person or have multiple contributors, professional blogs (such as this one) represent their sponsoring company, institution or professional practice. They aim to engage customers and fans with content relevant to the host organization. Personal blogs, on the other hand are, well, personal. These can be about anything at all, even the quirkiest and most unconv... keep reading

Should you hire a ghostwriter to help you write your nonfiction book?

Writing a nonfiction book while juggling a busy career or professional practice is a tall order. If you’re struggling to get your manuscript finished – or maybe even get it started – you might be wondering whether you would benefit from the services of a ghostwriter. Here are some things to consider when weighing up whether or not it’s the right solution for you.

1. Using a ghostwriter is a legitimate form of support for nonfiction writing

You might be questioning the ethical soundness of putting your name on a ghostwritten book. People can and do disagree ... keep reading

The Better Life Book Launch Party

Come join us at Wear Else for The Better Life Book launch party, featuring author Rosemarie Francis. As well as having a chance to speak with Rosemarie, you’ll be able to buy an advance copy of the book, which won’t be available in stores until January. Wine and cheese will be served, so come prepared to indulge in food, drink and inspiring conversation!

Rosemarie Francis is a self-made success who overcame childhood poverty to create a life of w... keep reading

Three Fun Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Anxiety, from Generation Stressed

In many ways, children’s lives are more stressful than ever before. The constant distraction of high-tech gadgets, increasingly heavy homework loads and busy activity schedules all contribute to a rise in childhood anxiety. Many parents struggle to identify the problem: 44 percent of youth have sleeping difficulties related to anxiety and stress, but only 13 percent of those children’s parents are aware of the root of the problem.

Anxiety can also rear its ugly head in the form of stomachaches, behavioural issues and headaches. So how can parents help? If you’re concern... keep reading

How to turn fear into fuel for your writing

Writing is scary. It means exposure – putting ourselves out there to be judged, criticized, mocked, ignored, enjoyed, learned from and admired. And it’s not only what we have to say that makes us anxious; we also worry about how we say it. We are afraid that our ideas aren’t original enough. That someone else has already done it better. That our style is bland. That our jokes are lame. Really, there is so much to fear about writing, it’s practically a miracle that anyone has ever managed to publish anything.

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