Vaporizing Vaporized: Why we turned a book into a website

“I want to turn my book into a website.” This was Robert Tercek, one of our clients, and author of the book Vaporized. And while his request seems ridiculous, it actually made perfect sense. Vaporized is about the transformation of physical objects into invisible data–in essence, the vaporization of those objects. Think about music: we started with live musician... keep reading

Best Online Author Platform Tools

Working on your author platform means wearing a lot of hats, so consider this list of online author platform tools your preeminent hat-rack. Whether you’re looking for something to measure your metrics, automate your social media, find the perfect website template, or craft your book’s Amazon page, you should find it here. Of course, this list could never be exhaustive; instead, we’ve tried to pick the best of the bunch for each topic. These ones are our favourites, but if you find a particular tool doesn’t suit your needs, try doing a Google search to find one you like better. ... keep reading

Detox Your Brain: 7 Mental Clutter Cleanses for Writers

Every January, the number one New Year’s resolution made by North Americans is to improve their health. In response, the media will soon unleash a torrent of detoxes and cleanses, all promising to leave us glowing after only two weeks of consuming nothing but asparagus water. However, most of these programs completely ignore an essential aspect of our wellbeing: the mind.

As every writer knows, a healthy mind leads to clarity of thought and productive writing sessions. Wait, scratch that. As every writer knows, an unhealthy mind leads to procrastination, indeci... keep reading

LifeTree Media’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season brings with it many tidings of joy–as well as tides of panic when you realize you haven’t done your Christmas shopping. If you’re still looking to cross those names off your list, we’ve put together our very own LifeTree Holiday Gift Guide. Give the gift of knowledge this season–it sure beats more socks!


For the parents whose kids are on the naughty list:

keep reading

Top 10 hottest nonfiction books of 2015

Is it possible to have too many books? We don’t think so–that’s why we’re still campaigning for shopping carts in bookstores. Still, you can only read so much, which is why we’ve decided to share the 10 must-read nonfiction books of 2015 (including our own biggest release, Vaporized). So if you need a new home for your bookmark, pick a book (or two [or 10]) and start reading! keep reading

Six things that determine a book’s media potential

“Can you get me on Oprah?” As a book publicist, I must have heard that line a hundred times. And while the Oprah Winfrey Show may be off the airwaves now, many authors are still hopeful that their book will grab headlines and land them on top-rated shows.  Of course, this isn’t always possible. As a publicist I could never guarantee how much media attention a book will receive, but I have found ways to increase the odds in my authors’ favour. Here is what I look for when assessing a book’s media potential.

Media Interviews: How to Make Media Listen to You

Ever wonder why some authors get to have great big features written about them, while others are lucky to get a brief mention? Of course, editors and TV producers all have their own ideas about what stories they want to cover, but very often, the depth of the coverage comes down to whether or not the subject gave them a kick-ass interview.

So how do you give a media interview that will keep a reporter hanging on your every word, and compel them to devote thousands of words to you? Here ... keep reading

Syndication: How to Pitch Your Promotional Article

Writing an article is one thing—getting it read is another. If your blog is in its infancy, you might be lamenting the low numbers of readers your articles are getting. After all, they’re well-crafted labours of love, and they deserve a huge readership! This is where many authors run into the chicken-egg conundrum: readers only find out about new content when a friend, social media channel, or search engine shares it with them. Bu... keep reading

Great Minds: Walt Whitman’s Quest for Perfection

Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass is one of the greatest pieces of poetry—American or otherwise—ever created. Some might even call it perfection. So how does one man create so much of that perfection, and a better question, why can’t we do it? The truth is, Leaves of Grass was far from perfect when it was first published 160 years ago.

Depending on who you ask, Whitman went through eight or more editions to get it to the state it’s in today. We’ve compiled a “Leaves of Grass Timeline” to demonstrate Whitman’s process in turning mediocrity int... keep reading