Lindsay Sealey

About this Author:

Lindsay Sealey is an Educational and Personal Development Specialist. As the founder of Bold New Girls, she positively influences the lives of young girls through the education and personal growth strategies she uses in her teaching, coaching and mentoring, focusing on helping girls with integrate social and emotional development with academic success, personal growth, and personal best.

Lindsay has more than 14 years of teaching and coaching experience working with kids of all ages and at all skill levels. She is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young girls through her customized learning programs, curriculum, books, workshops, lectures and presentations, and knows the value in teaching the process of learning and understanding more than the content itself. Lindsay understands the importance of encouragement, patience, time to discuss thoughts and feelings, self-reflection, and the power of presence in the experiential process as she builds trust and safety in her relationships with girls.

When working with girls, she takes a preventative stance based on the core belief that if we can start talking with young girls early, we can facilitate learning  and equip young girls with the necessary  tools for ongoing growth and development, love and acceptance of themselves, self-compassion, positive risk taking, and optimal health and confidence!

Lindsay has created several inspirational books for young girls as well as empowerment workshops. She founded Bold New Girls as a way of combining her love of learning and education with her passion for and dedication to mental health and personal development for girls. In addition to writing her upcoming book, she is writing curriculum and speaking at various schools throughout BC. Lindsay is committed to extensive, on-going research in social/emotional development, education and learning, and the executive functioning skills and brain efficiency. Lindsay lives in Vancouver, Canada.