The LifeTree Media Story

My father was a self-published author in the 1980s, long before it was fashionable. He wrote a book that was part personal memoir, part searing criticism of the medical establishment, and part introduction to the fundamentals of acupuncture, which was his profession. While it was filled with interesting information and delightful moments, the book was a bit of a conceptual mish-mash.

With no access to high-quality publishing services, my father made all the creative decisions by himself. He self-edited the manuscript and designed the cover, which featured a family photograph of himself and bright green cover text. He hired a printer, arranged delivery of the books to his home, and drove from bookstore to bookstore with a duffel bag full of copies.

But self-distribution to brick and mortar stores proved extremely difficult, and after exhausting himself only to place a paltry few copies in stores, he gave up. The cartons of books became end tables in his living room. Eventually they were destroyed, along with his dream of becoming a best-selling author.

My father had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to be in control of publishing his book. But he was lacking the two critical things that might have made his endeavour a success: thorough concept development and access to trade distribution.

I strongly believe that writers should have access to elegant, high-quality publishing services without signing away the rights to their work, their creative control or the bulk of revenues from the sale of their content. My service mission with LifeTree is to offer self-financed authors the same level of concept development, author support and access to market that traditional publishing offers, along with the flexibility and control of self-publishing.

All of this is in service of my greater global mission: to create wonderful books that will have a lasting positive impact on the lives of those who write them, work on them, and read them.


I believeā€¦

  • That elevation of the human condition happens at the personal level.
  • That collectively we possess all the wisdom necessary to heal our wounds, dispel our ignorance and inspire greatness.
  • That the written word is a powerful way to share that wisdom with each other.
  • That by helping authors to share their knowledge, I can make a meaningful contribution to the world.


Maggie Langrick, President and Publisher, LifeTree Media