The Best of Both Worlds

LifeTree Media is an award-winning, service-based book publishing company specializing in non-fiction books that help, heal and inspire. We offer bespoke editorial, production, sales and distribution services to self-financed authors who want to retain their copyright and control of the publishing process. Think of us as an elite, professional alternative to self-publishing. As a LifeTree author, you enjoy all the flexibility and control of entrepreneurial publishing, while benefiting from access to established distribution networks and high-caliber creative services.

Eleven reasons to choose LifeTree as your publisher:


  1. You’re the boss: You can green light your book project when you want.
  2. Have it your way: You can choose e-book publication, in-store print-run distribution, online-only distribution, direct sales, or a combination of those. (Need help deciding what’s right for you? We’re here to help you choose.)
  3. Sales and distribution: Our active sales and distribution team will sell your book into stores across North America, with the potential for foreign rights sales.
  4. It’s all yours: You retain your copyright and publishing rights, so you are free to repurpose your material any way you choose.
  5. Better royalties: Up to 25 per cent of list price (55 per cent net of retail).
  6. Lucrative direct sales: You keep 100% of revenues from books you sell direct through your channels.
  7. Come as you are: You don’t need to have a book proposal ready when you come to us; we can help you develop your concept and market positioning.
  8. Quality: We offer impeccable design and production standards and highly experienced editors at all three levels.
  9. Service: you receive attentive client care and personal service from a dedicated team.
  10. We’re here for you: Get the level of support you need, from a writing coach all the way up to ghostwriter.
  11. Values: You are associated with a publisher that shares your values: to help, heal and inspire.