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We publish books that help, heal and inspire




Expand your brand, mark a milestone or get your message across in a smart, elegant book for in-store distribution or internal company use.




Publish your way with our signature Best Book Program and Private Label Program. We will expertly develop, design and publish your book, and can distribute it to stores.

We’re a small company with a big vision…

To help, heal and inspire humanity through great nonfiction books.

Ambitious? You bet. Just like you!

The world is full of problems that need fixing. Kids to raise. Companies to lead. Flab to fight. For every challenge under the sun, there’s someone who knows how to help, and millions more who need their guidance.

I’m Maggie Langrick. I founded LifeTree Media to help smart, mission-driven experts like you to get your knowledge into the hands of folks who desperately need it. Our authors think we’re the most supportive publishing company on the planet. And we proudly agree! We believe your publishing team should care about your book’s quality and impact just as much as you do.

We make our difference in the world by helping you make your difference in the world.